the usual and congrats

the usual and congrats to Jupp

My nights have been extremely boring lately. I come back home from work. Probably around 7:30 -8pm. I eat dinner. And then I fall asleep for an hour. I wake up, I go to the gym. And then I go to bed for good. What kind of life am I living. This weekend should be fun though. Tomorrow night, I am going to go out with a few of my colleagues. I can’t stay out too late, as I have to be in a photo shoot on Saturday. I am going to be a background figure for an ad that will actually run in national magazines. I can’t go into detail about it, but will definitely keep you updated on my rise to fame.

Greetings to my friends Amanda and Jupp. Amanda is still rocking it up in Montana and my buddy Jupp is expecting his first child in Germany. Actually, his female companion is the one pregnant. No confusion there. A little daughter. Scheduled for birth at the end of march. There is no better month in the year. Congratulations Jupp. Glueckwunsch.