this weekend

I am celebrating my 24th birthday this Saturday. It’s going to be a lot of fun, as my buddies Jerry and Charlie are flying in from Seattle. Plus, rumor has it that the creative director from the agency I worked for in MT might make his way into town. Just for accuracy reasons, here is an excerpt from the evite. It says everything.

“I am turning 24 on the 22nd of this month. Finally, I have reached an age where birthday parties don’t have to start with binge drinking, and don’t have to end at borderline dangerous strip club settings. An age of sophistication shall begin; with a taste for wine and cheese; an appreciation for theatre and jazz; and the acknowledgment that Domino’s $5 Tuesdays aren’t a government funded initiative to support single males.

Anyway, why don’t you and your cute, single female friend show up next Saturday around 7pm. Don’t be too late, as we are giving out shots of German Schnaps at the door. If $2 bottles of wine and giant blocks of Gouda cheese aren’t your thing, you can also bring a drink or snack.”