this year is not over yet

Summer is coming to an end here in Los Angeles, which means we are transitioning from warm summer days to warm fall days. Seasons are really something special here in LA, let me tell you.

I have one more triathlon race this weekend. Then I am going to get as out of shape as possible before Ironman training begins in January.  Since I will have all this ridiculous extra time, I am thinking about taking a comedy writing course somewhere in Hollywood. That, and do laundry. Probably.

I am going to take a few days off in early October to head up to Montana for board meetings, homecoming and a brand new presentation that I have cooked up.  It’s called AudienceShift and is all about why the future of marketing is about building an audience. Another trend that I am only a few months behind on. Looks like I will be flying into Spokane and then road tripping it from there with my good friend Adam. So there is a pretty good chance that I won’t even make it there.

The weekend thereafter, my good friend Chris is getting married up in San Francisco. Chris and I have an interesting history as we actually met because I was called in to clean up his vomit (I was a custodian, he was a drunk) when we were Freshman in college.  We officially met a couple of days later, became friends and he then went on to become wildly successful helping Google conquer the world.  I have a knack for meeting people in the oddest situations. If I ever get married, I will have met half of my groomsmen in a Sauna somewhere. Regardless, Chris is now getting married to the fabulous Natasha and I left the custodial arts to work in Advertising. Here is a link to his wedding website, in case you didn’t get invited and want to see who did.

Thanksgiving will be spent in Seattle. Eating Jerry’s food, drinking his wine, using his toothbrush and then running his first half marathon with him. He’s very fortunate to have me as a friend.

Last but not least, I think I am going to spend Christmas in Europe. It’s time to check in with my little sisters and break up whatever dating life has developed in my year-long absence. My mother also insists on spending a few days with her and my dad somewhere in the middle of nowhere,  forcing me to do terrible things like play board games, go on walks and worst of all – listen.


  1. Anonymous September 22, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    I can make that drive with my eyes closed…and yes you do meet people in odd situations, we met in the dairy section of Trader Joes, I felt very uncomfortable.

  2. Anonymous September 22, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    The reason it was awkward is because you didn’t embrace the bear hug. Come on man, that’s how we roll in Montana.