three updates

1. I am getting a biceps implant. It’s one of the cheapest and safest implants out there and can be easily removed at any time. The following quote, stemming from Beverly Hills surgeon Nikolas Chugay, DO, says it all:

“It takes an hour and once it’s performed, you’ve got the biceps of Schwarzenegger,” he says. The implants are made of soft silicone that “does not leak, pop, or disintegrate,” he says. They provide “a nice enhancement and you can continue doing your workout and building your biceps without any impingement”

I have an appointment next Thursday. Wish me luck.

2. I pinched a nerve in my neck at spinning class this morning. I have had a pinched nerve in my neck before, but never from riding on a bike. This is a sad highlight for my aging body.

3. Heather found porno tapes in Ryan’s stuff. They just moved into a new apartment and somehow she ran into them. Anyone who knows Ryan is surely cracking up now. I am sure he’s in deep trouble. So will I, if Heather ever finds out that I am writing about this. Ryan, my thoughts are with you.