I was going to write a post about this yesterday, but I didn't. Too tired. 

When we got home (aka our hotel room) after our Milwaukee event, I felt really tired. We have traveled for 45 days now, 20 states, 19 cities, three events per week, huge ups, and downs. Adam and Will are doing great, the chemistry is amazing. There have been arguments, but the air was cleared after every one of them. There is no negative energy. We've pretty much shared beds and floors for the last month and a half yet every day we get up excited – ready to work our butts off and go to bat for people with ideas. 

I know I need to write more and I need to pick up the camera more often, but right now the goal is just to get through the day, every day and put on as many awesome events as possible. Everything else is secondary. 

I am tired. This feels like really hard work. But I bet I'll look back someday having to pinch myself that we did this.