No long entry today. It has been a long one. Lots of stuff to do. We got a huge pitch in a couple of weeks and everyone is working their butts off. It’s fun and exciting.

I send out an email to a lot of my friends in Germany. I reallly want to start doing a better job when it comes to staying in touch. I used to be pretty good about it, but lately it doesn’t seem like I have been caught up with anything. I feel like I am just generally confused right now. It’s weird. I can’t say that I have too many clear thoughts or any kind of straight direction. Do you ever get that way?

One of my colleagues had a great quote today. We were talking about our adventures with girls in summer camps. You know, those pre teenage romances. Anyway, here are his words.

“You know Mario. Summer Camp is quite something. What happens at summer camp, stays at summer camp. Kind of like Las Vegas, except for kids.”

Great quote. So true.

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