to live

to live

Sorry about once again not writing into my blog last night. I ended up playing a game of folf with Brian after work. I managed to lose a folf disk on the UW campus. Amazing how I do things like that. A wide open space and I manage to throw my disc into some kind of underground sewage outlet. Bummer.

Afterwards, I watched a chinese movie with Natilee. It was called To Live and I have to say that it was very interesting. I really don’t know much about China and this movie at least gave me a starting point. The movie portrayed a lot of the problems that the chinese population has been dealing with for the past 60 years. China seems to be a fascinating place, and I really should try to learn some more about it.  It is a whole new world compared to any place that I have ever lived. in.

Gonna go on a run now. Tonight, I am going out with my buddy Jared. If  I really will leave Seattle within a couple of weeks, then I better start saying goodbye to people.


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