to seattle

Tomorrow I’ll be driving with my boss to Seattle for a new business meeting – a six-hour drive for a sixty minute meeting. Regardless, I am loving my job and am having a lot of fun right now. Probably not many people can say that, so I am very grateful.

What else is new?

I am loving homeownership. I’ve got a new neighbor who smokes like a chimney but brought free wireless internet with him. Keep on puffing Mr Neighbor.

The Dodgers lost today. Hopefully, they’ll win tomorrow.

I’m growing my hair out. No more short hair until it’s to cover up my balding head.

I’m playing a great computer game right now. It’s a soccer managment simulation and terribly addicting.

I had a great customer service experience with Apple. I broke my laptop and they fixed it without any troubles whatsoever. Thank you.

Last but definitely not least, I’ll be helping to market another book later on this year. It’s called Feast of the Seven Fishes and is an Italian Holidays Christmas Comic book.