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Does your brain ever feel like this anonymous gym locker?
Does your brain ever feel like this anonymous gym locker?

Lately, I’ve been recognizing that I am forgetting more and more things – mostly names. Mind you, I’ve never been good with names but now I am more consciously aware of my worrisome habit of forgetting things – names of people, names of tv shows, heck even words sometimes. It’s concerning because my grandmother died at a relatively young age of Alzheimer disease. So it’s hard to not freak myself out. Then again, I am really not that old where I should be worried about an early onset of such a disease quite yet. 

So I wonder. I think about this. 

Do you ever feel like there’s so much going on, it’s pretty normal to be forgetting things. I mean, just thinking back to my childhood. There were a few tv shows I watched, one newspaper I read every day, never more than one or two girlfriends (usually just zero), one language to speak, one hobby (soccer), two or three radio stations that I listened to and a fairly limited number of people who I interacted with. 

Now, there are thousands of TV shows, thousands of podcasts, millions of websites, tweets, emails, text messages movies, banner ads, YouTube clips and Facebook updates about babies and cats. In addition, I have a job, a night and weekend passion project (IdeaMensch), speak two languages (badly), know many hundreds of people all across the world, take a class, teach a class and have enough hobbies to scare off future girlfriends for years to come. I am the absolute worst with names. But then again, I probably meet and shakes hands with a 20 new people every month. Sometimes it takes meeting someones three times before I remember their names. Sometimes, I have remembered their name in the past and then forgot it again.  In a way, everything seems to be quite literally going in one ear and out the other. Do you ever feel that way?

I know very little about brains. But I would imagine the human brain has a certain amount of capacity – probably so much that it’s near unfathomable to fill. Well, I think I might have filled mine. 

I miss the simpler times. I felt more focused. More on top of things. Smarter. Certainly, I had more hair on my head. 

So the question is, can I go back to that? Rather than have a million things in my head and remember about 80% of them, can I have a 100,000 things in my head and remember them all. 

How do I do that? How does one go back to a simpler life?

Do you ever feel like your brain is full?