tour de tacoma in review

Here’s a quick and really late recap of our ride to Tacoma last weekend.

– We left at 4:45am from my loft in Portland. We arrived at about 6pm at Rick’s house in Tacoma.
– On the ride, I ate 3 clif bars, 2 packs of gummy bears, 2 power bars, 2 packs of oatmeal, 5 bananas, 1 roast beef sandwich, 2 pieces of beef jerky, 1 popsicle, 3 snicker bars. And a bag of cheese puffs.
– I drank 1 can of red bull, 4 gallons of Gatorade and at least 5 gallons of water.
– We met an old guy in the Centralia Subway who claimed to have lost over 100 pounds by eating at Subway at least once a day. Sounds familiar.
– In that same Subway, we saw 2 nuns cut in line in front of Brad.That was totally new.
– We rode on I5 for about 40 miles. That was stupid.
– Our mileage total was about 160. Brad the engineer was cramping up for about the last 50 of it. Probably because he rode his mountainbike.
– We had 1 flat tire. Again, engineer boy.
– Once we got to Rick’s house I ate at least 2 pounds of lamb and drank 6-pack of beer.  Rick was an amazing host.
– Our train ride back took about 6 hours. Who knew that one couldn’t just carry on his bike.

I apologize for a very slow blog week. I have a major client campaign go live on Monday, and just made my first offer on a condo in Portland.