Tour de Tacoma

I’ve done quite a few of pretty stupid things in my life time. Swimming across the Clark Fork river in Montana in the month of December was one of them. Hey, it was an initiation test for the local polar bear club that a couple of buddies and myself were starting. Thinking that I could build and sleep in my first snow cave on Christmas day a few years back was also pretty dumb. One toe is still blue. Trying to put on 25+ pounds over a summer in college probably wasn’t the brightest either. And I only vaguely remember trying to live of nothing but Guinness beer back in high school. Well, this weekend is topping them all.

Two of my friends (Brad & Patrick) and myself are going to ride our bikes from Portland, Oregon to Tacoma, Washington to stop by my buddy Rick’s barbecue. Since we don’t want to be riding on I5 the whole way, we’re looking at about 160 miles. While the Tour the France is a little hillier, there the longest stage is about 143 miles. What makes me think that I can ride for 160 miles on the hottest day of the year is beyond me, and those who care about me. Just to give you a little bit of a background, Patrick is a sponsored cyclist while Brad rode his bike clear across the country. I’ve been riding for about a month, just got a new bike, still can’t change a tire and have never sat on a bike for more than 70 miles. This will be good. We’re looking at anywhere from 12 – 16 hours of pain, that is if I make it.

On a more positive note, these past few days I’ve eaten more Spaghetti than the average Italian family does in a year. Barilla is actually thinking about naming a noodle after me. Plus, I did stay in a Holiday Inn earlier this year.