train ride to beijing

Train ride to Beijing
Ok, so the train station in Shanghai is a complete mess. There are thousands of workers carrying plastic bags in front of the train station who for some reason are not able to wait inside. After finally making it into this ginormous building, Terry and I were led through like a dozen different waiting rooms until we finally encountered the one appropiate for our ticket.

Once we made it onto the train, here’s what went down:

7pm. We walk into our soft sleeper cabin (basically means that we have soft, rather than hard mattresses, four of them – bunk bed style, very much youth hostel syle) where we are greeted by some mid-twenties Chinese TV executive, wearing a black suit and reminding me very much like some fellow out of a karate movie. Of course he didn’t speak a lick of English and was sitting on my bed. That’s the major disadvantage of having a bed at the bottom, everybody hangs out on your bed until they finally go to bed.

Well, I throw on my train-issued slippers and sit down on the bottom bunk near the window. Then Terry and I proceed to drink a bottle of terrible Chinese wine. Remind me to never drink Chinese wine again. Halfway through the bottle, Terry gets all pissed off because they don’t have soap in the bathroom. He complains to one of the attendants and she tries to sell him a toothbrush with an open pack of toothpaste. That didn’t help. We finish the bottle and stumble down to the food car, where we enjoy some peanut chicken and Budweiser. Remind me to never drink Budweiser again in China.

Back in our cabin, I very much regret that I let Terry keeping the cabin door open as it now smells like airport smoking lounge in our sleeper. Note to self, there is no fresh air coming from the hallway. That’s where everyone smokes.

I watched an episode of “the Sorpranos” on my laptop and then passed out.