train through monestry

Just came back from my third Yoga class. I am still by far the worst yogi dude out there. It’s just a bunch of gals in the front of the class and me and this former pro hockey player in the back. The girls in the front are always doing their little movements while me and the other dude in the back are making noises like we are giving birth to an elephant baby. I believe that Yoga is a quiet activity. Not for me. I am in the back hustling and bustling like a train going through a monestry. I wonder if I could get expelled for that simple reason.

I will be playing in some big soccer tournament. It’s incredible. The team I am playing with was looking for a former pro defender. It’s a competitive club team and is called Irvine United.  I am not so sure if I can fill that gap. Maybe I hyped up the fact that I am from Germany a little too much. There are a bunch of international teams at the tournament and they are making me play defense. I really haven’t played defense in about 10 years, which should add an interesting touch to it . We shall see. I am only 22, so it seems like I should be able to hang with just about anyone. But I have said that before.And I was wrong.