Twelfth Night at Portland Center Stage

Jen and I went to the Gerding theatre on Friday to see Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It was nice. To start things off in a usual manner, Jen had lost the tickets that I had given to her for Valentine’s day. This probably sounds pretty familiar for those of you who remember when she lost our University of Montana Football tickets. Fortunately the folks at the theatre were friendly enough to print us out another set of tickets. But now we’re running late. And since we both had a rough week and only had about 45 minutes before the show started, we decided to grab a quick burger and a beer. A giant burger and three beers later, we were in the lobby of the Gerding theatre. Jen decided to buy a couple of drinks before heading into the theatre, and just as a I take a first sip from my Rogue Mocha Porter, the announcer lady says that the doors are closing and there’s no alcohol or food allowed in the show. Great. So that beer went down quickly.

Into the show. We had great seats. 2nd row. Too bad, as twenty minutes into the show I am falling asleep. My violent head nods gave it away, and I got more than one funny look from an actor on stage and the gentleman next to me. Nothing that a few minutes of cold water splashes on my face during the intermission couldn’t fix.

Since I had purchased season passes for the rest of the year, we’ll be going back soon. Next time Jen doesn’t even get to touch the tickets and I will, either, drink ice tea at dinner or request seats a little further back.