Valentine’s day

Here it comes. My Valentine’s day entry. A few days late, but still way current in everyone’s mind. I mean, who could forget about their Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day was last Saturday. For those of you who did forget. The day Schalke won 2:0 and mother called at least 10 times. As many of you might already know my Valentine is named Natilee.

We awoke at about 10am. I had the brilliant idea of fixing up a grilled brie sandwich (bread, brie, tomatoes) for breakfast. It was spectacular. Instead of going out to a nice restaurant or staying in some fancy hotel room, we chose the nonconventional Valentine’s day alternative. We purchased an all day bus ticket, jumped on the first bus that came along and traveled from one part of Seattle to the other. We took a long walk at the beach (Richmond Beach, just off the 99), ate Quiche, consumed Mexican food at two different Taco Buses, drank Mexican Hot Chocolate, spend at least 2 hours in various local pawn shops, hung out in the local bookstore for a few hours and finished the day with a grandiose Japanese dinner.

Kind of like the brie sandwich, our Valentine’s day was spectacular. And that’s the end of the story.