venice beach

After yet another demoralizing loss for my soccer team, I went down to Venice Beach to walk along the boardwalk. One of the more inspiring places in LA, the Venice Beach boardwalk somewhat resembles a circus on the beach. There is the guy wearing nothing but a thong, trying to balance a little metal ball back and forth across his body. Not to forget the guy trying to sell you airplanes made out of pop cans as well as the crazy lady making a snake rise out a basket. Oh and talking about snakes, we can’t forget the rather untalented college aged drunk dude who is running out with a snake hanging around his shoulder. He’s not wearing a shirt and has dozens of bites all across his body. People tried to stay as far away from him as possible, which doesn’t necessarily help his cause of trying to collect dollar bills. Somehow he just doesn’t strike me as having a future as a boardwalk artist.