venice, santa monica and marina del rey

This is going to be a short week at work. 4th of July, baby. I am excited. Until then , I am going to be very busy at work. I have a few tight deadlines at work all coming to an end this Wednesday. After that, it will be all fun and games from there. I think that I will be heading out to some cabin with my roommate Eli and his buddies. I guess it’s a pretty spectacular setting and it will be good to get out of town for a while.

I think that working in an office is really what puts a damp on my healthy lifestyle. Especially the afternoons are dangerous, as I am always inclined to eat.

So I am looking at different areas in LA to move to. Here are my initial thoughts… Venice Beach, Santa Monica or Marina del Rey. All beach areas, as I hear that the air is better there. Let me know if you have any input. I am really pretty clueless when it comes to this move.

I really enjoy working in Advertising. I get to learn about a lot of different industries and am always doing different things. That’s fun. I am not sure how fulfilling a career in Advertising will be, but I will worry about that later. Probably not. I am staying late at work tonight. Past 7 that means. It’s pretty cool as they comp our dinner. I just ate a huge quiznos sandwich. Not sure how productive I will be for the rest of the night.