waiting for the next train

Last night, I did something totally new, and a little dumb. I was going to my friend Jamie’s house in Beaverton and just barely caught the subway. Time was so tight that I wasn’t able to buy a ticket, and then realized that I wasn’t able to do so on the train. So, I decided to get off. Buy a ticket. Then run after the train and hopefully catch it at the next station. Needless to be said, I didn’t catch the train at the next station. Nor at the station after that. And not even at the station after that. After sprinting for a couple of miles, I finally caught the train at what must have been the last station in Portland.

When I finally sat down, I was out of breath, sweaty and laughed at by some of the older ladies who witnessed my olympic effort first-hand. Soon thereafter, I arrived in Beaverton. Next time, I might just wait for the next train. Yeah right, I’m way too impatient for that.