Warriors, Workers, Whiners and Weasels

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself, after being asked to coordinate launch and promote my boss’ new book Warriors, Workers, Whiners and Weasels. This is a big opportunity for me (who’s working in a DRTV agency) to proove that new media can be effective in launching something as “old school” as a printed book. So my job doesn’t technically depend on this book being a New York Times Bestseller, but let me tell you…it would help. Actually, I want it to make it into the list of the top 100 most sold books on Amazon.com. Right now, we’re sitting at #29,957. The top 100 is where I want it to be. That’s my goal. Even it’s in only for a day. Maybe you can help me…

First off, you could just order 100 copies yourself. You could:

  • Give them to every kid on your son’s soccer team
  • Give them to every kid on your son’s soccer team, once he starts playing soccer
  • Present your wife with it on your next anniversary. Special signings available upon request
  • Put one in every bathroom of your house

Secondly, Tim started his own blog. Guess who’s idea that was.
Warriors and Weasels Blog
If you have a blog, please link to Tim’s. Or maybe even write a blurb about your friend Mario trying to get this book on Amazon’s top 100 list. The same goes for your myspace, friendster or facebook profiles. Please, no mentions  on your adultfriendfinder profile.

Then there is our viral site, which you can check out:
Expose Your Weasel
Here you can submit (and help eradicate) a weasel in your life. Make it funny and you’ve got a chance of winning an iPod every month. Better yet, submit a story and forward it to all your friends – including me, excluding the one you submitted as a weasel.

Last but not least, check out the  Warriors, Workers, Whiners and Weasels website for more information.

If you can, take this blog entry and forward it onto the people in your address book.Yes if you don’t; your wife is going to divorce you, your dog will ignore you and seven years of bad luck will seem like a good time. Or just forward the email that I’ll send you this week.