Time to once again summarize my weekend. The weather continues to be beautiful here in Seattle and I try to spend as much time as possible outside. That’s not really possible during the week, so I really dig my weekend sunshine time. With that being said, I really didn’t spend too much time outside this weekend.

On Saturday morning, Natilee and I went to some breakfast restaurant. The food was great, but it was rather grueling to eat in the heat. From there on we walked to Trader Joe’s, which is a delicatesse grocery store founded by a German (same guy who started Aldi). We walked for about 20 blocks and that was all the sun I needed for the weekend. We got a bunch groceries, all aiding in the production of several liters of Sangria. Fueled by some heavy Sangria consumption, Natilee was able to talk me into drawing at night. It’s crazy, who would have ever thought that I voluntatily fabricate any kind of art. Natilee came up with a bunch of canvases and some oil paint and off to the park we went. Look at the results and you will quickly come to understand why I will never be able to make single penny of anything produced by my right hand. Any hand for that matter of fact.

my painting

natilee’s painting

I was not aware of how long it takes to dry these pictures. My room is a complete mess at this point. I got oil paint all over my bedsheets, carpet, sleeping bag as well as a majority of my clothing. Great.

I have been getting to Starbucks later and later every day. By the time I get here, they are always out of bagels etc. I have been eating chocolate fudge bars ever since. That will do wonders for one’s fitness.