weekend recap

Here’s the skippy.

After a couple of hours Friday night Sauna, I went out for drinks with some buddies for work. I stayed out a bit too late, considering I was scheduled to meet my friend Christina to play tennis at 10am on Saturday. And so we did. I ended up winning 6:0, 6:1; which is pretty surprising considering that I can’t serve and Christina is a former tennis state champion. No big deal, really.

That night, I went to a benefit dinner for the Portland Artist Mentorship Program. It was a fun event with a bit too much wine involved, most of which my date managed to spill all over her shirt.Yes, I had a female date.

This morning was massage time at a spa called Dosha in Northwest Portland. It’s hard to believe that my masseuse gave another massage today, as she literally had to use her elbow for an hour straight, trying to unknot my neck.

Right now, I am watching the movie Zodiac with my buddy Charlie, who came in  from Seattle on his way through to Idaho. Good times.

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  1. Anonymous April 22, 2011 at 6:21 am

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