weekend summary

weekend summary

I cannot believe that it’s already June. I have now lived in Seattle for 4 months already. I turned 22 while here and now am on my way to being 23. A random, but nevertheless worthy anecdote.

I really didn’t do too much on Saturday. I went on a fairly long run in the afternoon, did my laundry, disinfected my room and then went to bed. I obviously was tired. We had a couple of girls over on Saturday night. Apparently later in the morning, they managed to break our living room table. That didn’t wake me up.

I had a soccer game on Sunday. We tied it 4:4. The team we played was pretty bad, but we really don’t have too much space too talk ourselves. I was able to score 3 goals. I really haven’t scored 3 goals in a game for quite some time. It felt good.

Afterwards, Natilee and I went to play golf at the UW driving range. I suck at golf. I already don’t like not being good at something, but at this golf sport I am by far the worst. It was an eye opener.

We also played some tennis afterwards. Natilee pretty much kicked my butt here as well. I am started to learn how to serve now. That’s what I will try to learn this week.