weekend warrior

This morning I played Flag Football with a bunch of guys who work in Advertising. My buddy Chris put it on and Mark and I went along for the ride. To make it short:
I had one interception for gan of 10 yards and a first down. I knocked the wind out of the quarterback once, forcing and recovering a fumble. I also had two rushing attempts; one for a loss of 2 and one for a gain of 6. Playing cornerback, my guy had at least a dozen of receptions, resulting into 5 touchdowns. I made and missed one field goal. I also managed to tear apart one guy’s shorts, which will always remain a vivid memory of my flag football buddies.

Overally, I got to say that flag football is just not my kind of sport. I either get to tackle or I don’t, but none of this halfway crap. Football might be cool. But flag football is a total girlie man kind of sport.