weeks worth of entries

This has been a crazy week for me. Monday I found out that the doctors really can’t find anything. My frontal scull cat scan was clean. My headache really hasn’t been bad at all this week. Hence, I am just going to assume it’s something in the air, rather than seeing a brain doctor.

Anyhow, then I flew to San Francisco to dinner and came back the same night. It was a huge party with all kinds of executives from all over the world. It was in a place called “the foreign cinema”. Sadly, they served nothing but seafood. What’s up with people and seafood?

On Thursday, I went to a lingerie show in Hollywood. You haven’t been anywhere until you have seen a lingerie show in this town. I saw some really cute models, but haven’t been disillusioned enough to talk to them.

Friday morning, I managed to scratch up my neighbor’s car a bit. Well, my car did all the scratching. No more backing up without caffeine. How stupid. I kid myself into driving around a 89 Cream/Brown station wagon, as I don’t have to make any car payments on it and now I am fixing up my neighbor’s 87 purple Toyota Camry. I might as well just buy the darn thing.

Now I am about to go to some club in Hollywood. Bliss. No lingerie show, but some girl’s birthday party. Let’s see if I can meet one girl.