Whale Watching in Washington

This weekend we drove to Anakortes, Washington to go orcas watching. Low behold, our journey was a success. We saw about a dozen different killer whales in front of the San Juan islands.

They were local Orcas who spend every summer up and along the Washington and Canadian Pacific Coast. They live in families (pods) which range from twenty to forty whales and only feed on salmon (no sea lions, otters or kayakers). The oldest family member is approximately ninety years old with the youngest being born last summer.  These whales are unlike transient orcas, who roam in smaller numbers (4-6) and feed of anything that comes in their way.

Truth be told, I’ve always been skeptical of going whale watching. All the people and  motorized boats near these magical crreatures just can’t be healthy. With that being said, seeing an animal such as an Orcas whale in its natural environment can be a life altering experience. These animals are powerful yet beautiful beyond belief and I’ve venture to say that any person whose seen them in real life will support mankind in protecting the Orcas’ habitat and ensure that they still roam our planet when our kids and grandkids grow up. I certainly will.