what happened at the wedding ain’t staying there

I’m still in Montana and might even write an extended entry about some of the events surrounding this four-day weekend. But here’s my “in a nutshell” summary.

  • I flew in, was picked up and went straight to a brewery to meet up with all my friends. It’s amazing how you don’t have to pay for beer in Montana as long as you are “tasting it.”
  • I took part in bachelor party that lasted  about sixteen hours.  To see the bachelor tied to a pole, getting spanked and beaten with a belt by a stripper on a stage in front of a crowd of drunk roaring men makes me wonder about our next bachelor party this September. Considering that this is our group’s first bachelor party and assuming that we’ll only get better at celebrating them, I would like to get married sooner than later.
  • I got to go tubing on a river right after my friend Alisha applied sun tan lotion all over my back. My unwarranted confidence in being able to apply sun tan lotion to the front of my body by myself led to a rather spotty sunburn up front.
  • I had dinner with my friend Megan and barbecued with the Applegates and Papa Lakes. Not to forget, I enjoyed many great meals prepared by host dad McGillis.
  • Then there is the wedding. I was fooled into believing that such would be any less crazy than the bachelor party. Too much drinking, too many dances and too many good friends who hadn’t seen each other in years resulted into one crazy party. At one point of the evening, I led a group of men to sing “My best friend is not just anyone” (a song I made up while sitting in a hot springs, way back in the day) to the groom.  I am 95% postive that the video of that performance could be detrimental to me ever holding a high-level public position.
  • For myself and my host brother Rob the wedding was a 17-hour ceremony which ended at 9:30 in the morning. I’m happy to report that we topped our very own bachelor party performance.

Anyway, I am flying back to Portland in a few hours. Needless to be said, this trip has been a blast. I’m happy as a clam for my friends Matt and Marci who’ll make a great couple forever.  Also, it was fantastic to see so many good friends make their way back to Montana. Last but not least, thanks to all who hosted me this weekend…especially the McGillis family.