what I shouldn’t have done last night

Rather than hanging out with a pretty girl last night, I met my buddy Adam for happy hour. The thought was that a couple of beers would make for a great way to close out an eventful day. We met early, as Adam was animate about wanting to call it an early night. Works for me, or so I thought.

We met at 6pm for happy hour at a place called Brazen Bean. The specials were $4 mixed drinks, which were supposed to last until 8pm. Since I like specials, I decided against beer and for gin. That was my first big mistake.

The second, and significantly more grave mistake,  was letting Adam decide the pace of our beverage orders. Every time the waitress brought us a new drink, Adam ordered the next round. For two hours, we were drinking straight gin on the rocks which was served in an 8oz glass. Whenever Adam saw a hint of doubt in my eyes, he reminded me of the fact that I went to school in Montana and should be used this kind of pace. Come to think about it, I went to school in Montana and did a lot of fishing, not drinking. I should have told him that.

Anyways, by the time eight o’clock rolled around; we had managed to amass a $48 tab. Doing the math explains the headache. I drank six glasses of straight gin during a 2-hour time period.

For a guy who rarely drinks any hard liquor, this explains why I was standing outside of our next bar stop sharing my McDonalds french fries with whoever walked by. To round out the picture, I should mention that I was holding my new kitchen faucet in the other hand, which I had picked up at the local hardware store just prior to happy hour. What definitely wasn’t an early night, ended in me fixing my kitchen faucet before falling asleep in my living room chair.

At least I got my kitchen faucet fixed again.