what is it with me and burritos

I can tell you. I am addicted to them. Every day around 11am, I try to get excited about some kind of healthy lunch. By 11:45am I am starting to waver, and by noon I am standing in front of my favorite burrito cart (Loco Locos Burritos) ordering either a bean and cheese or chicken burrito. It’s just so good. Then by right about now, I am downing cold coffee trying to help make it through my 2pm meeting.

How do I break this cycle? It’s hard. Here’s why:

  • Burritos taste really good. And to me, they aren’t even that unhealthy. Note to my readers, I consider everything that isn’t fried or made of corn syrup healthy.
  • The lady at the burrito cart is just so nice and she knows exactly what I want (half and half on the beans and easy on the cheese). After my mother and Jen, she’s probably the woman I talk the most to. Plus, she has a really shiny gold tooth.
  • It’s nice to go outside for lunch and be in an environment completely different than my work. My lunch peers are construction workers, homeless people, the burrito lady with that golden tooth and all of her brothers and cousins.

If someone gives me a really compelling reason to stop eating burritos for lunch, I’ll try to eat something else tomorrow. I just need your help getting started.


  1. Anonymous April 3, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    Overdo it – eat more than the usual so that you get sick because of them or pack a lunch & don’t bring any money (although if you’re there everyday she’ll probably give you credit for a few days) or try Alli – with the fat content in the burritos you’ll be occupied for a while – a few days of that & you’ll break the habit quickly.

    Now how can I break my daily 20 oz. non-fat 2-shot mocha habit???

  2. Anonymous April 8, 2008 at 8:30 am

    So… This guy I work with on the river is from Nepal and has a burrito addiction as well. This last summer he mentioned that they don’t have burritos in Nepal. I think there might be a business opportunity here. So, you need to eat as many different burritos from as many different places as possible. This will be research and the key to successfully dominating the Nepal burrito market. Thats what I am doing at least. You in?