what is there to write

what is there to write about…

Lately, I really have been contemplating about what to write about on my blog. I can’t really write about all the stuff that happens at work, since most of it is confidential. However, since I do spend most of my day at work, options are relatively limited. I have been thinking about maybe trying to do some crazy stuff during my lunch break, yet that might also conflict with my tenure in the world of Advertising. My adventure options are fairly limited, so maybe some major lifestyle changes lay ahead.

I realized that for the past 2 years, I have mostly been living with girls. I wonder what kind of long term consequences that might carry along. I can surely  confirm that it hasn’t helped me in understanding the female gender, standing in direct correlation with success at the dating game.

Just found out that my soccer team had a website. You should check it out and find out about my life as a weekend athlete at…http://members.w-link.net/~jep/Guys