what to do on july 12

This must have been the longest time I have gone without writing into my blog for a long time. Internet access at my house has been shaky to say the least and I did not foreplan that. Also, I spaced out that Friday was going to be a national holiday and that I didn’t have to work. 4th of July. Independence day, I guess.Never heard of it before.

On  Friday (independence day…I guess), I went over to Charlie’s apartment. He lives right on Lake Union. A bunch of drunk kids were having some kind of fireworks show. It was sponsored by Washington Mutual and as we were sitting on the balcony anyway, we decided to watch it. The fireworks were pretty cool, even though I have to say that European fireworks shows are lightyears ahead of the US. No big deal. On July 4th, the biggest fireworks of the world are in the US. No doubt about it.

Natilee came back on Saturday. She was in the Caribbean for a week. It was so good to see her again. Amazing to think that I have only known her for such a short time, yet we have spend so much of it around it each other. Having her away really put a damp on my social life. Well. Natilee is back now, so everything is perfect again. On Sunday we went to some place called Snowqualmie Falls. We just sat on some rock in the midst of the river for 4 hours. I really miss the outdoors.Even though Seattle is a very outdoorsy place, it seems hard for me to actually get out the city. I’d  imagine that it can only get harder in LA. There it really can take hours to drive out of the city. Bummer.

Last night my friend Meagan flew into town from Puerto Rico. She was down there for 6 months and stayed the night at my house last night. She was picked up by her family this morning and should make it back to Montana sometime the next couple days. It was great to see the girl.

I will be back in Montana next Saturday. There is a party at Lakes’ house. Everybody who is reading the blog is entitled to come. Invitations will be send out mid week. Just don’t make any other plans for Saturday the 12th.