where did december go?

In terms of blogging, I have pretty much written off the year 2008. Oddly enough, I am finding it hard to wrap up my professional endeavors, spend time and say goodbye to my close friends, plan a move down the West Coast and find a moment and clear thought to blog. One of my 2009 resolutions will be to get back to writing regular blog entries again. Sort of like in 2008.

So, here’s my blog entry for the month of December with random thoughts, in no comprehensive order – drafted on an old fashion yellow notepad while sitting at LAX.

Life without a cell phone didn’t work so well

If you’re about to cancel your cell phone plan, don’t. While I certainly enjoyed life without a cell phone for a couple of months, there is one major obstacle to doing so effectively. SMS messages. Here’s why. I have about 300 people who I communicate with on a somewhat regular basis (some through this blog) – most of which I sent my Vonage phone as my updated phone number. Then I had about 30 close friends who I sent my pay-as-you-go phone. Why didn’t that work? The better part of those 300 people kept sending text messages to my Vonage phone – which essentially is a landline. I didn’t get those messages, which led to all sorts of communication mishaps – such as missed meetings, solo dinners and at least one pissed off Montana rancher. So, now I have an iPhone.

Moving back to Los Angeles

I am moving back to the city of angels for my next professional engagement – being the principal in an advertising agency. Smog aside, LA isn’t half bad and this is an opportunity that I simply couldn’t turn down at all. I will be going back to my roots and former employer, WONGDOODY, and all the wonderful people who make it such a great place. Jen, Otto and I will make the drive down there right after Christmas.

Living in a 1950s resort

I am actually in California right now, where I am finishing up a 2-day apartment hunt (Thanks Mark for keeping me sane). The result. A 1 bedroom + den apartment in West Los Angeles, only minutes from the beach. The place has the feel of a 1950s resort and my balcony is overlooking all those old ladies in their swim suits. You should come and visit some time.

I sort of bought a toaster

It’s a really big one. One that is going to get me from place to place in Southern California. I am not a big fan of car ownership but this multi-functional SportsWagon evolution might just be weird enough for me to love it.

Now storing crab nets

At some point I will be renting out my sweet loft. Hence, I thought it would be a good idea to make my storage space secure, which will allow me to keep some of my non-California-essentials safe and sound (crab nets, etc). Having no idea what it would take to build a lockable door mechanism and having two left hands to begin with, Jen’s dad jumped in and pretty much single-handedly build me a storage closet – while I was vacuuming wood chips and keeping the joint juice flowing. Let’s just say that it would have been a disaster had I attempted to build this myself, so a million thanks to Jay. I will plead the fifth if the Homeowner’s Association asks any question about the chainsaw noises coming out of my loft.

Great friends

On Friday Jen organized a little farewell party for me at my apartment. It’s hard to say goodbye to people as nice as my friends here in Portland. But there is a pretty good chance that I will be back here someday since life never holds me in the same place for too long. Regardless, I have the best girl and some of the best friends in the world. I know I don’t deserve Jen. And I am truly thankful for all the people who I can call my friend. Thank you. America would be no fun without you.


Just like every good blog entry, this one also ends with a few words about my cat, Otto von Bismarck. Having never really had anybody who’s life depended on mine, I might be taking this cat ownership thing a little over the top. He will be traveling to California in a custom-ordered carrier without having to spend a single night in a hotel. And when we get there, his new home will have three west-facing, sun-filled windows to look out of for him. And if he’s lucky, he might even get to see an old cougar or two at the pool. Either way, his bag is packed.


  1. Anonymous December 19, 2008 at 1:18 am

    We’ll miss you you little german bastard! 🙂

  2. Anonymous December 22, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    HAllo MArio.Wünsche dir alles gute für deinen neu anfang in LA
    Check mal bitte deine gmail adresse:-)