Where is Max?

8 am Monday morning. Max is in the process of licking my face, demanding me to let him out for his potty walk. After a couple of minutes trying to convince the dog to hold it and to fall back asleep, I open up the back door and let him do his thing. This is the usual routine, so I expect nothing bad to happen. I go turn on the fireplace and the computer, put food into Max’s bowl and then open my eyes. Normally by now, Max is standing in front of the door, requesting his reentry into the house and the opening of his favorite breakfast buffet. Well not this morning. Max has decided to take a little walk by himself. The dog is gone.  Well after a quite extensive search campaign Max decided to return to the house.  Tommorrow morning, I will be standing right next to him when he takes his morning pee. Change of procedure. If he likes it or not.

I worked some more on my various consulting projects, even though I was rather distracted by the possibilty of making a few casts with my fly rod on this beautifully sunny winter day. Tonight, I hung out with good ol Megan. We had dinner, played boardgames and then watched Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock in “Two Weeks Notice”. The perfect date…for a girl. I am starting to learn that taking a girl fly fishing, camping and volunteering might not always be the date of choice for her. Oh well, I had fun tonight.

For future references, I am planning to revamp www.themariogroup.com in the near future. Currently it is used to market my consulting services. As I am moving to Seattle, I am going to give it a bit more of a personal touch. Expect pictures, stories and all kinds of groovy stuff.