why I blog

One of my students asked me why I have a personal blog. Good question. It got me thinking. My blog certainly isn’t a business blog. I’ve been blogging ever since I graduated college (almost five years ago), and here’s why I do it:

  • It gives me a chance to stay in touch with people, and people an easy way to stay in touch with me. I’ve moved around a lot in my life and the blog has been a nice tool to keep everyone posted.
  • I used to write in my diary on a daily basis, which was an interesting experience. Reviewing my poor attempts of writing,I realize that I didn’t write about anything but girls from age 15-21. Other people now read my blog, and switching up my editorial direction has been a nice side effect.
  • This sounds stupid. But life should be interesting, and I try to live an interesting life. Hopefully some day my great-grand-children will find this blog interesting as well. One thing is for is for sure…the mario blog is here to stay.
  • I work in Advertising and I help large companies with their brands. This blog is my brand. Everybody has a brand, and it’s just about whether or not you choose to manage it.