why I canceled my 24hour fitness membership

Here comes some corporate ranting. This weekend I canceled my 24hour fitness membership. Here’s why, short and sweet:

  • They have people at the front desk who greet you by your first name, after they swiped your card. It’s a corporate strategy to show 24-hour fitness cares. They don’t. I am going to work out at a smaller place where there’s at least a remote chance someone will remember my name.
  • There are more meatheads working out at 24-hour fitness than there are traffic jams in Los Angeles.
  • Different people pay different membership rates at 24-hour fitness. I have some friends who pay $8 a month, others pay $17 and some pay $41. It baffles me that any modern business can charge different people different prices for the same service. Even though they offered to lower my rate, I just think this is plain out unethical.
  • When I tried to cancel my membership, they made me call a special 1800 number. Funny, you can sign up in the gym but you have to cancel on the phone. When I actually called in, they kept me on hold for about 20 minutes. All throughout, some sort of automatic voice kept asking me to hang up and try later. Unbelievable. When someone finally answered, I was determined to tell them my opinion. Unfortunately and fortunately for them, the customer service representative hardly spoke any English.
  • My membership actually still runs until mid-april. That’s the earliest I could get out of it. Unbelievable.

Gosh, what a terrible company!