why i can’t do yoga

I went to another yoga class last night and finally understand why I am no good at yoga. There’s absolutely no urgency. I am a natural procrastinator and yoga is more of a proactive activity. The instructor tells you to let go of all thoughts and focus on your breath. What happens if you don’t? Nothing! You just don’t get anything out of your practice. Things are much different in activities such as soccer. Once you go out on the field, you have to give it everything or you’re going to mess up the game for your team. Weightlifting is the same. Once the bar is lowered to your chest, you better focus and press it up.

But since I seriously need to work on my flexibility, I will continue to go to Yoga practice. Who knows, maybe I can find a yoga instructor who can read my unfocused mind and whip me into shape. Gosh, I really need to stop blogging about yoga.