why I like Barack Obama

While I hardly comment on political issues (not because I don’t have strong opinions), I am going to voice my opinion on why I like Barack Obama.

Most importantly, he works out in my gym when he’s in Portland, and I am definitely stronger than him. People don’t look at him and say, “wow…he’s more buff than Mario.”

While I am not going to comment on American politics, I will say a few things about world politics. As mankind, we’re facing some very big issues. Energy consumption, global warming, starving nations and, of course, the continued threat of terrorism. In the grand scheme of things, the latter is peanuts. Nothing will endanger our safety more than millions (or billions) of people in unrest because of the effects of global warming.

We only have a few more years left to deal with “luxury” issues such as healthcare, our economy and getting our troops out of Iraq. But those are easy compared to the potential impact of some of the big issues in world politics.

My gut tells me that Barack Obama could do well with both. And his increased job duties would ensure that his biceps don’t get bigger than mine.