why it feels good to be German

First off, we beat Turkey 3:2 and are now in the Finals of the Euro Cup. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be writing this entry right now. No, I would. And it’s about time.

Having lived in the US for the last 11 years, I have developed an interesting perspective on my country of birth. Let’s start. We are very proud people with a long history and lots of (sometimes very odd) culture. Our beers are the best in the world, and our cars drive fast.

But we never brag about that.

Quite contrary, we’re quite afraid of being considered patriotic. My parents’ and my generations were raised to be very careful about developing any kind of patriotic feelings, as all the bad that happened in World War II was looming behind us. Regardless of whether your family fought the regime, supported it or was killed by it, there was a feeling of guilt looming above our heads – just for being German.

Hence, we don’t sing our national anthem before high school sporting events, nor do we hang flags in front of our city halls. We live in a social country where everybody has health insurance, free education, welfare and even retirement. There is no death penalty and our police is what I’d call very gentle. And as a country,  we are very hesitant about participating in any kind of wars.

But, we’re proud and loud about one thing. Fussball. Football. Soccer.  Germans love Fussball.  We love our national team, we love our national club teams and we love the little clubs in the towns we live in. And that pride and excitement exceeds just about every other feeling in the world.

Check out the videos below, which were all filmed in the last 12 hours, to see what I am talking about.


  1. Anonymous June 29, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    Interesting blog entry.

    After Polska was elimated from UEFA Euro 2008, I was pulling for the team with the world’s best Polish born players. Now if Germany can only snag Boruc.