wine tasting and stuff

I arrived in Portland Thursday night. After a successful ad presentation, followed by barely making my flight, it was nice to finally get there. Rick picked me up at the airport and after arriving at his place, the first six pack was quickly emptied. Probably didn’t help my chances of curing myself of this killer cold that I managed to catch. We went on a hike Friday morning, before meeting his friends Alisha and Allison for drinks and hockey. After many beers and seeing the Portland Winterhawks beat the Spokane Chiefs, we hit the road back to Salem. The night ended with yet some more beers (you are probably beginning to see a pattern here) as well as Papa J’s pizza.

Saturday was wine tasting day. Actually, it all started with a great breakfast at some place called Busick Court. Best omelets ever. We loaded a car full of people and started driving out into the Oregon boonies. Somehow we managed to hit five different vineyards in the Willamette Valley.

Argyle Winery
Lange Winery
Sokol Blosser

And a couple more that I just can’t remember. This is how it works. You pay $5 and get to taste a range of different wines. They usually also have some free chocolate, crackers and one place even had strawberries. Anyhow, the night ended at a roadhouse bar/restaurant. Sunday I flew back to LA. A bottle of 2002 Pinot Noire in my bag and many memories in my head. I’ll drink the wine and hopefully won’t forget the fun times.