world cup days

This world cup ain’t easy on me. I can’t sleep the nights before and after Germany wins, constantly get up early to cheer on small African nations and my weekends are becoming a blur. Yesterday was a perfect example. I got up at about 9am and then headed over to my buddy Kyle’s apartment to start watching world cup games. What I didn’t know was that we were going to bbq hot dogs and drink beer at such an early hour. Two games, three red cards and a six-pack of beer later, we decided to start playing some soccer ourselves. Four games, three hours, two sore ankles and a few more beers later, I headed to the gym to work out with my buddy Greg. Not my greatest workout, but at least I had no problems talking to girls. Come my next gym visit, I’ll probably regret that. Then I took a shower and headed back to Kyle’s place again for more beers, avid discussions about the day’s games and a night of wanderlust to Portland’s finest drinking holes.

I woke up this morning, and started preparing myself for the summer semester which begins tomorrow. I’ve decided to quit teaching at the undergraduate level and just focus on my grad level course. I’m excited.

Once I finish my work today, Patrick and I are heading to the coast to go on an epic bike ride.

What else is new?

I’m going through the process of washing all my clothes right now, as everything had begun to smell a little stale. No more organic laundry detergent for now. Everything smells like flowery rain now, which is lovely.

Also, I am going to be in Montana for a few days over the weekend of July 15th for my friends’ Matt and Marci’s wedding.

Tomorrow I am starting my weekly acupuncture treatments to treat my sore neck. Let’s see how that goes.