world cup fever


This world cup is taking its toll on me. I get up early every morning to watch the games. I can’t sleep at all the night before Germany plays. Other nights, I usually end up on the couch. I stopped answering my cell phone a week ago. I live of protein shakes, frozen yogurt, toaster waffles and beer. I rearranged my loft so I can see the TV screen from just about everywhere. Everything looks out of place. I go through the same procedure before every game, doing whatever I can to not jinx the team.  When Germany wins, I drink to celebrate. When England wins, I drink to dim the pain. I cry all the time, even though we haven’t lost yet. From everything my friends tell me, 80 million people in Germany feel no different. Millions of people celebrate and watch the games in the streets. The church bells ring before and after every game, and church attendance is at an all-time high.

Germany has been going through some hard times politically and economically in the past few years. People have a tendency to be very negative about our country’s future. This world cup is changing everything. It’s giving people hope. It’s bringing out an adbundant energy that laid still for many many years. Win or not, Germany will be a different country after this event. A better place, filled with hope, passion, energy and a will to do.

Gl�f Deutschland. You’re as a beautiful as ever.