you haven’t lived, until you’ve been to a Schalke game

And I mean that. While soccer is unarguably the most popular and best sport in the world, the atmosphere at soccer games is unarguably the best in the world as well. While this certainly doesn’t hold true in the US, it’s a proven fact across the rest of our planet. Schalke 04 is maybe not the best soccer team in the world, but it has the best fans and best atmosphere, which the clip below is going to prove. Here’s a little bit of background. Schalke has been playing really bad, so the fans decided to do something about it. At the home game against Bayern Munich, they decided to not cheer or chant for the first 19:04 minutes of the game. Such is the club’s founding year and should show the team that it was time to step it up and play like men. 18:04 minutes into the game, 60,000 Schalke fans started clapping as a countdown to the breaking of their silence. In the video, you’ll hear loud cheers at the 19:04 mark. Only eight seconds later, Schalke scored a goal which turned the stadium into a stage of wild craziness. Hearing 60,000 Schalke fans cheer is louder than standing next to a plane at takeoff. Again, a proven fact.

If you’ve never been to a Schalke game, then you simply haven’t lived yet. This is where many of my most memorable childhood moments were created. And this is where I’ll eventually return to.


  1. Anonymous January 6, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    Ich kann dir sagen, dass war echt der Wahnsinn, du hã³´est dabei sein sollen – die ganze Szenerie war vergleichbar mit der 4-Minuten-Meisterschaft 2001! Beides werde ich niemals vergessen! Incredible!!

  2. Anonymous January 7, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    I missed both those moments, which breaks my heart. You’ll have to be the one telling all the stories when we’re old men.