Day 5 – zero words but a really meaningful email

A few months ago my virtual assistant Anand sent me an email to inform me he was leaving the Virtual Assistant company that I was contracting him through. 


I was bummed. He was by far the best assistant they had ever assigned to me. So I asked him why he was leaving and what he was going to be doing. 


His answer surprised and shocked me. 


He was starting his own business because after reading and drafting hundreds of IdeaMensch interviews, he thought to himself why shouldn’t he be an entrepreneur. 


He should.  


And now he is. 


Anand is bringing to life his own idea.


It’s a retail concept in his hometown of Coimbatore, India where he is selling freshly slaughtered chickens (insert picture of my horrified Vegan girlfriend here), cookware and, of course, insurance products. 


Today we are featuring Anand on our newly designed homepage (, proudly standing in front of a cage of chickens . 


I can honestly say that this is by far my proudest interview ever. 


Because, IdeaMensch is not about ideas. It’s about the people who bring their ideas to life, and the passion they have for those ideas. 


And I love when that passion becomes just too much, and you have no other choice than to quit your job and become an entrepreneur. 


Like so many of you already are. 


Like so many of you undoubtebly will become. 


Good luck Anand. Go sell lots of chickens. And cookware products. And insurance, of course. 


IdeaMensch stands behind you.